The Nourish Myself Ayurveda Program    

10-Habits : 10-Weeks to Transformation

Learn 10 Essential Habits described by the Ancient Science of Ayurveda to transform your Life, and take your Health to the Next Level!

aryuveda, yoga coach, yoga, healthWelcome to the ‘Nourish Myself’ program.  In this program, we will learn to rhythmically sync our body with the daily and seasonal cycles of nature. When the rhythm of our body aligns with the rhythms of nature, immense energy is released from within.  A sense of calm prevails over the mind and the body.

In this ‘Nourish Myself’ program, you will learn time-tested, age-old techniques to take proper care of your body and mind. The Human body has a very unique constitution, we will understand how our habits, daily routine, eating and sleeping schedule etc. can affect our wellbeing.

We will engage and instill within ourselves 10 simple daily habits. These habits will establish a rock-solid daily routine of Nourishing Care for ourselves. Every day you will feel the positive flow of energy within you, from the time you wake up until you go to bed.

Be prepared to feel better than you ever have!

In these 10 weeks, we will sow the seeds of our wellbeing in the form of these 10 habits, and reap the fruit of a healthy body & mind for the rest of our life.

checkbox_green Week one – Early and Light Dinner

  • Understand the importance of a healthy digestive system.
  • Learn how caring for your tummy will boost your energy levels and overall health.
  • Learn innovative methods of cooking healthy dinners in less than 20 minutes.
  • Overcome barriers to eating an early dinner and eating light but nourishing food.
  • Together, we’ll begin the most important change in your lifestyle.

checkbox_green Week Two – Early to Bed

  • Learn how to relax, unwind and recharge yourself every evening.
  • Understand how sleep cycles affect your body’s current and long-term health.
  • Uncover the subtle ways in which we sabotage sleep.
  • Discuss soothing bedtime routines that can promote good sleep and help you wake up feeling fresh every morning.
  • Together, we’ll learn the secrets to a restful night’s sleep.

checkbox_green Week Three – Start the Day Right

  • You will get out of bed with amazing energy, fully charged to challenge the day.
  • Understand why early mornings are so powerful in establishing your daily routine.
  • Discuss the importance of proper elimination of Ama (toxic human waste) and how to make it possible first thing in the morning, every single day.
  • Together, we’ll learn that we are in charge of how we experience our days.

checkbox_green Week Four – Body, Breath Practices

  • Create your own exercise routine, according to your current level of health.
  • Learn how you can make early morning exercise fun and exciting.
  • Understand the life-giving power of our breath in the form of Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) and why it is vital to focus on it every morning.
  • Together, we’ll use the mornings to tap into the true renewable energy which lies hidden within ourselves.

checkbox_green Week Five – Plant Based Diet

  • Understand the simple rules of nourishment and begin using your diet to create real energy, while you move towards your ideal weight.
  • Learn proven tips on how to shop and cook gracefully, so that your meals become an experience of love rather than just filling your stomach.
  • Together, we’ll learn to trust the intelligence of our body in relation to hunger.

checkbox_green Week Six – Self Massage

  • Discuss the importance of using oil and doing self-massage (abhyanga)
  • Create a sacred space to know yourself, inside out.
  • Together, we will explore the joyful feeling of self-love and the benefits of a massage.

checkbox_green Week Seven – Meditation

  • Understand why meditation is so important and how it brings balance to our life.
  • Discuss concrete strategies to overcome our mind’s difficulty in meditating.
  • How you can help your mind to concentrate and not wander away.
  • Get the maximum advantage from a short meditation routine.
  • Learn the techniques to calm yourself whenever you feel stressed.
  • Together, we’ll look within ourselves to create calmness that will protect us through the day.

checkbox_green Week Eight – Healthy Eating Guidelines

  • Learn to use our ecosystem and the local farm produce to our advantage.
  • Say ‘No’ to empty carbs and a big ‘YES’ to a delicious and nourishing diet.
  • Balance the inner and outer Ecosystem to function rhythmically.
  • Together, we’ll learn how to use our kitchen as our medicine cabinet.

checkbox_green Week Nine – Sense Organ Care

  • Understand why it is important to care for our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  • How to create a weekly practice routine that will make you radiate.
  • Learn how to use tongue diagnosis to stay in touch with good health.
  • Understand the importance of giving yourself time for self-care and how you can really be your best caregiver.
  • Together, we’ll remember how embracing fun and vitality makes us feel great.

checkbox_green Week Ten – Easeful Living

  • Celebrate our successes in the previous nine weeks.
  • Discuss the choices we have between a stressful and tranquil life.
  • Share how you can add your own method to make each habit joyful and divine.
  • Create a plan to keep moving towards an ever-deepening relationship with yourself and take life easy.
  • Together, we’ll celebrate how far we have come with these simple habits and established a life full of beauty and grace.

Consistently practicing these 10 habits you have learned in this ‘Nourish Myself’ program, be sure you can live your life to its full potential.

Change Your Habits — Change Your Life

There is only one beautiful YOU!

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What my clients say

"I’ve reached my ideal weight and am able to maintain it."

"I wake up feeling energized and ready for the day."

"I eat foods that I love and still feel amazing in my body."

"I no longer feel bloated and heavy after every meal."

"My skin is clear and radiant."

"My hormones are in balance."

"I have a variety of healthy habits to help me reconnect to the lifestyle I want daily".

"I know the transformation will last for the rest of my life."

“Wow! Ayurvedic self-care is amazing!"

“I’d rather eat at home than go out."

“I’ve learned all about kitchen medicine."


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