Batool Merali

Nourish Myself programs are all about taking better care of ‘Your’self. The problem is; we run around taking care of everyone else which leaves us exhausted and depleted with no time for ourselves. Nourish Myself programs are designed to help you step by step turn this paradigm around.

Have you been feeling a bit unmotivated, lethargic, achy, or just generally blah?

Balance Your Energy and Hormone Levels

Improve Relationships with Yourself & Loved Ones

Age Gracefully without the Burden of Mood Swings

Create a Life of Longevity and Vitality

What my clients say

"I’ve reached my ideal weight and am able to maintain it."

"I wake up feeling energized and ready for the day."

"I eat foods that I love and still feel amazing in my body."

"I no longer feel bloated and heavy after every meal."

"My skin is clear and radiant."

"My hormones are in balance."

"I have a variety of healthy habits to help me reconnect to the lifestyle I want daily".

"I know the transformation will last for the rest of my life."

“Wow! Ayurvedic self-care is amazing!"

“I’d rather eat at home than go out."

“I’ve learned all about kitchen medicine."

Batool_Tetons_circleLife is a sacred journey and often we live in forgetfulness.

I am so grateful today to have figured out that the universe provides us with all we need.

We are given this undeserved provenance of a planet that is bountiful in food and resources for us to grow and heal in a natural way. I am so grateful to my teachers who shared their knowledge.

I came into Ayurveda, after leading a very hectic life in the cooperate world. Burnt out, overwhelmed, caught in the rut, out of balance, crashing, on the verge of an auto-immune disorder: I too was naive about the Standard American Diet until I saw the trail of victims it left in its path. I learned to undo the brainwashing and learn new habits to save myself. I finally quit the craziness, got a grip on myself and attuned to what Ayurveda had to offer.

I am so grateful and humbled by the knowledge of living a healthy, happy life in harmony with Nature’s Rhythms.  I embrace the seasons, and adopt change for the better. I will share this knowledge with the same passion and love as my mentors did to make a healthier and happier world for you.


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